Timex AccuCurve 30 Second TALKING Oral Thermometer

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Timex AccuCurve 30 Second TALKING Oral Thermometer
Accu-Curve Timex oral thermometer fits comfortably in your mouth. Automatically announces last temperature and newest temperature. No need to put on glasses or turn on the light. Oral digital thermometer with curved design means accurate placement of sensor tip on the hot spot under the tongue. No gagging or feeling like the thermometer is going to fall out. Lips and teeth hold thermometer securely and with comfort. Accu-Curve Digital Oral Thermometers Features: Timex AccuCurve measures body temperature orally. More comfortable than straight thermometers. Curved Soft-tip takes oral temperature comfortably. Accurately finds hotspot under tongue. Extra large digital readout with Indiglo night-light for easy night time viewing. Measurement test time varied from 5 to 14 seconds depending on individual measuring methods. Mercury Free. Probe Cover NOT Required: Wash with soap and warm water or sanitize with 70% isopropyl alcohol and dry with clean cloth. Instructions in English and Spanish. Handy storage and carry case. Contains: digital thermometer, storage case, 5 disposable probe covers, Battery (installed), English/Spanish instructions. Recommended for all ages above 6 months. Specifications: Measurement range: 90 degrees F to 108 degrees F (32 degrees C to 43 degrees C) Preset for F (Fahrenheit) measurement. Can change to C (Celsius) by following directions. Accuracy: +- 0.2. Compliant with ASTM E 1112 Standard at the temperature range of 90-108 degrees F. Display: 4 digit LCD display with Indiglo Night Light Measurement Time: 30-60 Seconds in ambient temperature. Auto Shut Off: 10 minutes Memory Recall: Last temperature. Operating Temperature: 60 degrees to 94 degrees F (95% RH) Store at Room Temperature (60-95 degrees F). Battery Type: Talking Model #80004: 394 (included) Product Dimensions: Talking Model #80004: 1.38 in. x 2.0 in. x 3.25 in. Weight: Less than 1 ounce Disposable probe covers available below. Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
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